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We are constantly expanding our breeding stocks of Arachnids.
Feel free to contact us, if you might have interesting species for trade or sale.

We always prefer trades and offer good conditions!

We are interested in nearly all specimen with exact locality (beside the standart) data for our scientific projects. Even single males of rare species can be interesting, if the locality (best is gps-coordinates) is known.
Otherwise we are interested in breeding groups or fresh wildcaught females of rare and new species.

Looking for breeding groups of Gigantometrus swammerdami


2.0 Avicularia aurantiaca (juvenile)
2.0 Acanthoscurria sp. Iquitos (All sizes)
3.0 Acanthoscurria theraphosoides (ex. ferina) (All sizes)
2.0 Acanthoscurria musculosa (All sizes)
4.0 Bacillochilus xenostridulans (All sizes)
2.0 Chilobrachys sp Cambodian Blue (subadult/adult)
2.0 Citharacanthus cyaneus (Juvenile/subadult)
1.0 Cymbiapophysa velox (subadult/adult)
2.0 Cyriocosmus aueri (juvenile/subadult)
2.0 Euathlus truculentus (sp. Blue) (juvenile to subadult)
2.0 Fufius sp. Gold (Juvenile/subadult)
2.0 Hapalopus sp. Kolumbien Groß (Juvenile/subadult)
2.0 Homoeomma chilensis (All sizes)
2.0 Homoeomma orellanai [sp. Yellow] (All sizes)
3.0 Neischnocolus sp Panama (juvenile)
3.0 Megaphobema robustum (All sizes)
1.0 Phormictopus cubensis (subadult/adult)
3.0 Sahydroaraneus raja (All sizes)
1.0 Sericopelma sp Chepo (Subadult/Adult)
2.0 Sphaerobothria hoffmanni (All sizes)
1.0 Ybyrapora sooretama (juvenile/subadult)
0.3 Xenesthis sp. Blue (subadult/adult)
Breeding groups - slings to young adult
Harpactira atra
Harpactira curator
Harpactira gigas
Harpactira guttata

Other spiders:
As we are working scientifically with Filistatidae, all specimen (outside european species) with exact locality data or rare species are in our interest.
Beside these wer are searching for breeding groups of following genera:

Sicarius spp
Hexophthalma spp.
Loxosceles spp. (not reclusa, rufescens, laeta and simillima)
Liphistius spp.
Scytodes spp.

  International shipping is available now!
(Versand ist aktuell wieder problemlos möglich!)
Personal pickup in 48477 Hörstel/Germany possible.
(Abholung möglich nach Absprache in 48477 Hörstel / Deutschland.)

Due to lack of time, inquiries for species, which are not in my stocklist, can´t be answered!
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