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Welcome to Buthidae.eu!

This homepage is dedicated to the keeping, breeding and science of scorpions. First-hand experience instead of copy-paste informations from the internet. 
Our focus is on scorpions of the genus Buthidae.

During the last years we expanded our breeding stock to tarantulas, true spiders, whipspiders, whipscorpions and Isopodes.

Furthermore i offer offspring from my diverse breeding stock with a focus on rare and special species. Unlike other breeders i offer 99% captive bred specimens and rarely wildcaught animals. An experienced consultation is very important for us and our customers. International shipping is possible.

  20% discount for preorders for Hamm-show!
20% Rabatt auf Vorbestellungen für die Terraristika Hamm!

International shipping is available now!
(Versand ist aktuell wieder problemlos möglich!)
Personal pickup in 48477 Hörstel/Germany possible.
(Abholung möglich nach Absprache in 48477 Hörstel / Deutschland.)

Due to lack of time, inquiries for species, which are not in my stocklist, can´t be answered!
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